The Best Instagram Photo Spots Around The Outer Banks

Getting that perfect vacation pic can end up being such a hassle if you don’t know the right places to shoot. The Outer Banks has tons of great locations to get the perfect selfie or big group photo and we are here to help! We have found some of the most unique and beautiful locations to snap that perfect selfie, star in your own OBX photoshoot, or get that family pic that’ll go on the mantle. 

Nags Head Hammock

Photo Credit: NagsHeadHammocks via Facebook

This hammock store has everything you could need as far as instaworthy outdoor furniture. This includes a huge hammock seat right outside where you can get the perfect shot. If you love it, stop inside and take one home so you always have the perfect porch pics! 

Jennette’s Pier

Jennette’s Pier isn’t just an aquarium in Nags Head. This 1,000 foot long pier is any instagrammers dream. Possible shooting locations include outside of the huge, renovated building, on the pier, under the pier, at the aquarium, and more! Not to mention, the sunrises and sunsets here are some of the most breathtaking in all of the Outer Banks. Google for more amazing pics.

Ashley’s Espresso Parlour

Photo Credit: ashleys_espresso_parlour via Instagram

This hot spot is pretty new to the OBX, but you wouldn’t know it! Next time you’re in Kill Devil Hills, stop in for coffee, baked treats, and local beer. Two amazing murals take over the outside of the building. We won’t give any spoilers, but these are a summer dream and a can’t miss!

Triangle Shipwreck

If exploring an underwater shipwreck is something you’d love then this is for you! The two ships that lie beneath the water happened to come ashore in the same location, but sank years apart.It is best to go on days when the sea is calm and clear. The wrecks can be seen from kayak, SUP (stand up paddle board), or diving. This Kill Devil Hills location is perfect for a waterproof camera or GoPro. The wreckage is only about 100-200 yards off shore in about 15-20ft deep water, so if you’re looking for a little more high action selfie taking this is the place!

Corolla Wild Horses

Photo Credit:

This one is a given. Seeing the Corolla Wild Horses is a must on any Outer Banks vacation, but getting an awesome pic with them is even better. Try taking a guided tour to find the horses and get that perfect shot. They even swim in the ocean!  Ps. Be ready to zoom in! People are only allowed within 50ft of the horses.

Wright Brothers Memorial 

Photo Credit:

The Wright Brothers Memorial is definitely a hot spot in Kill Devil Hills. This huge landmark provides sky high views and gorgeous photos outside of its granite walls. This is an educational and beautiful stop along your OBX journey. Perfect for the selfie, family pics, or photographing the amazing views!

John Yancey Inn

We may be biased, but you can take some beautiful pictures at our favorite place, the John Yancey Inn! With brand new, renovated rooms, beaches and pool the perfect summertime selfie awaits. Check out the renovated bathrooms for the perfect mirror selfie or capture the kids on the swingset outside, either way you’ll be making memories you’ll never want to forget!

Sweet Treats Along The Outer Banks

This post is by Erica Wade.

Everyone loves a good sweet treat once in a while and The Outer Banks has a solution for just about anyone’s sweet tooth. It is almost summer and that means hot days out on our beautiful beaches and pool decks. So when it’s 95 degrees outside what is the best treat? ICE CREAM. 

The Outer Banks is home to some of the best hand scooped, frozen, and flavored milky treats we’ve ever had. We SCREAM for ICE CREAM, so we are here to let you in on our must visit ice cream destinations! 

You Want Flavor Options 

Scammell’s Corner Surf Shop & Ice Cream Parlor

Photo Credit:

Scammell’s has a huge variety of hand scooped Hershey’s ice cream flavors. The staff is known for being quick and genuinely kind. You will also be greeted by the family dog Zeus! The shop is quirky and will fill any surfers dreams. This is the place you will never want to leave! 

You’re into Frozen Yogurt

The Surfin’ Spoon

Photo Credit: surfinspoon via Instagram

Surfin’ Spoon is our top choice for a little bit healthier frozen treat. They feature 10 yummy flavors that you can mix and match as you please, as well as all the toppings. This fun and fresh little place is also right on the beach! It is certainly Instagram worthy and merch is sold, so you can take a piece of the OBX sweetness with you!  

You Know What Goes With Ice Cream? PIZZA.

American Pie 

Photo Credit:

American Pie is your one stop Americana dream food destination. They feature homemade pizza and homemade, hand dipped ice cream. The ice cream is made in house daily, so every day there are new flavors! Get it in a handmade waffle cone or ask for a hand packed pint to go. Either way you’ll be living the American dream! 

LOTS of Variety 

Booty Treats Ice Cream & Shave Ice 

Photo credit: Jeff F.

Booty Treats has a sweet treat for the whole family. Their menu is extensive featuring old fashioned sundaes, Hawaiian hand shaved ice, old fashioned malts & milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches, and of course hand dipped ice cream AND frozen yogurt. They have two locations currently in Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head, so you’ll never be too far away from their delicious treats! 

Custard Lovers 

The Kill Devil Grill 

Photo Credit:

The Kill Devil Grill’s classic treat is their frozen custard and beach fries! Customers rave that the custard is creamy and never too sweet. You can even grab a pint for the road. Pair that sweet custard with a bucket of fresh, hot fries and you’ve got yourself the ultimate beach treat duo! Tip: Ask for a pup cup of custard for your furry friend!  

Local Restaurants Surviving During Coronavirus Impact

This post was written by Erica Wade.

What is the best part about vacation? People have a lot of different opinions on this, the atmosphere, being off of work, the beach, but most will agree that the FOOD is one of the best parts! Thus, this month we wanted to introduce two awesome restaurants here in the Outer Banks that we know our customers cannot live without. These two places have been working extra hard during the COVID-19 pandemic and are currently OPEN to serve customers the food they love, so we asked them a few questions about how COVID-19 has affected them. This blog chance to love them as much as we do!

Pigman’s BBQ

Pigman’s BBQ is a classic southern BBQ joint located at MP 9.5, 1606 S Croatan Hwy, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948. They offer North Carolina style BBQ in the form of everything from pulled pork to tuna. This is an area hot spot and they’re hoping to keep it that way even through the current pandemic. I spoke to Richard Bruce (one of two owners of Pigman’s) about how they have been handling COVID-19. He told me they are taking it day by day and trying to be prepared as possible for what may come next. They are looking forward to business picking back up!

Bruce told me his biggest fear is losing the opportunity to make a living. He explained that making their usual income during the on-season (summer) is what keeps the Pigman afloat during the off-season (winter), so losing so much business during the summer could really affect the Pigman’s BBQ chance of survival as a business. Bruce isn’t sure how this could affect their future in the long run. He is waiting to see how this summer season pans out, but it is really all relying on that. For now, Bruce says the Pigman has gotten “Really good at takeout…doing it 100% of the time has perfected that skill.”

“We are really happy to be open and we are excited for the visitors to come down and to do our best to make them feel welcome and make them want to come back again.”

Kill Devil Grill

The Kill Devil Grill is a local hotspot that is very close to our hearts, literally. They are located directly across the street from the John Yancey Inn, so many of our guests enjoy their famous Back Yard Wings all year long. (By famous we mean literally ranked as the best in the state of North Carolina famous.. .check it out .) Not to say that only the wings should be famous, their Key Lime Pie and The Railcar are to die for! Locals and visitors alike crave this place on a Friday night.

I spoke to the owner of the Kill Devil Grill, Bill Tucker, about how they have been managing with the current pandemic. He explained that they are currently open Tuesday – Saturday from 4-8 pm and have curbside pickup and online ordering. He is hoping to expand the hours as soon as the staff and demand is there again. The current menu is trimmed because it has been very hard to get products in and difficult to have a full work force of employees. He explains, “We require prep because we make from scratch. This is now an on-demand business, so we had to engineer the menu to be made quickly without giving up any quality or value and I hope that gets us through.”

Tucker says his biggest fear is that this situation is a double-edged sword. He fears for the safety of staff and guests. His other fear is the possibility of being too aggressive about reopening. “I would rather stay closed than reopen and have a second wave…We are going to approach this very conservatively. We won’t be letting people in until we feel it’s safe.”

Tucker says he hopes that this is only a 2020 issue and the second wave doesn’t become an issue in the future. “I hope we will be here a year from now. Everything I do is to ensure we are here a year from now. The future is just unknown.”

This situation has obviously caused a big change in the KDG’s daily operations. The restaurant used to be open for lunch and dinner. Carryout wasn’t even offered until this pandemic situation happened. “It’s like opening a whole new restaurant. We have to retrain ourselves, our guests, and our staff, because no one knows how this works…customers expect to pull up to a window like a fast food place, but that’s not how this works. We won’t give up quality.” Everyone in the building is wearing gloves and masks even in the areas where it gets to be over 100 degrees. No one is allowed in the building besides essential stuff right now.

Tucker said to me, “Just because the government is relaxing standards doesn’t mean that we will for a while…everybody’s level of stress has increased because of uncertainty, but we can’t forget to respect people.”

Own or manage another local Outer Banks restaurant? We’d love to feature what you’re doing to adjust your business model to the current and post-corona world! Shoot us an email at

Pardon Our Dust: The Next Phase Of Property Updates

We’re back at it again – this offseason we continue our major renovations! Our entire Sea Building (16 oceanfront rooms that are extremely popular with our returning guests) is being completely renovated. We will install new flooring, brand new bathrooms, new furniture, and new windows with plenty of sunshine to let in. Without a doubt, these will be the nicest rooms on the Outer Banks.

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The Four Seasons & Other Property Updates Are Complete!

New property improvements for 2019 are complete! The John Yancey Oceanfront Inn has added:

  • Brand new renovated rooms in the Four Seasons building
  • Updated breakfast room with new interior finishings
  • Welcome lobby area updated with new colors and a welcome area for our guests
  • Landscaping updates throughout the entire property
  • Brand-new walkways designed for all guests to use

Property Improvements: Painting & Brand New Room Layouts

We’re making fantastic progress on the room updates! As we round out 2018 and head into 2019, the updates are underway.

Each room in the Four Seasons Building has a plan drawn out, many new improvements on order and a strategy to let you enjoy your vacation even more in the OBX this year.

Exterior Improvements

Photo: Team hard at work with exterior improvements
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Update On Improvements: We’re Emptying The Rooms!

Renovations at The John Yancey Oceanfront Inn Four Seasons Building have begun! Over the coming weeks our team will be working hard to make major improvements to the Four Seasons Building improvements and we’re eager to share that progress with you.

We’ve started by clearing and removing all of the furniture & fixtures from the rooms and aim to next begin with demo’ing the rooms completely. Over the coming weeks we’ll be showing you progress of the demo s so you can follow along!

New bathrooms with tile wall in showers, new sliding glass doors, new flooring, are some of the changes coming!  Plus all-new furniture and design package that will modern, yet beachy with a cottage feel that you could only get in an independent boutique OBX hotel.  Be excited and reserve your 2019 reservation in the newest, nicest rooms on the Outer Banks.

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