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Guest Check-In FAQ

Summer 2020 COVID-19 FAQ:

Ø  What’s new/ different?  We are the same John Yancey Inn, but have adjusted like others to the new normal.  We pledge to providing a safe, clean environmental for all guests and team members.

Ø  How do I know hotel room is clean?  All guest rooms are cleaned, sanitized, and then fogged between guest stays. Hotel amenities are sanitized at least twice per day.

Ø  Breakfast still included? Breakfast is still served from 7-10am, but with a limited menu.  Food will be “Grab & Go” takeout only, with a “Pick 3” options to choose from. Coffee is to order.

Ø  Where’s the room guides?  We have decluttered the room for your safety.

Ø  Pool; is it safe?  Yes, we clean and treat it with chemicals daily. We have moved chaise loungers a socially-distant 6 feet apart. We have sanitizing wipes at the lobby for your convenience.

Ø  How’s ‘Social Distancing’ working at hotel?  We ask that all guests respect the distance of other guests in walkways, lobby, and amenity areas (pool, picnic area, dune deck, gazebo, playground). 

Ø  Housekeeping; what’s changed? We are no longer doing stay-over cleans, unless requested by the guest. We are happy to take your trash or provide fresh linens for guests staying more than a few nights.

Ø  Elevator; is it okay to use? Yes, we ask the guests allow just one group per ride, and that you give priority to those checking-in or with bags. Stairs aren’t so bad! ?

Ø  Is Express Check-Out offered? Yes, there is no need to come to lobby and check-out.  You can text 252.441.7141 when you have checked-out, and we will email you your bill.

Ø  Missing something? Call/text us.  We can bring extra towels, blankets, or room supplies and leave by the door.

Interested in returning this summer again?  Ask about our return guest offers!

Feel free to call/ text us with questions or feedback 252.441.7141

~John Yancey Inn Management

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